Training the future furniture designers, a priority for Transylvanian Furniture Cluster

Submitted by Ciprian Morcan on 23 April 2020

Connecting the needs of the industry with the potential of young people in training is seen as a way to ensure mutual benefits for both. Furniture producers could count on qualifed employees and future designers could have the workplace of their dreams. The international project INTRIDE aims to create a master degree program for furniture designers that are studying in universities from Italy, Poland, Spain and Romania. The project consortium consists of 10 partners, among them Transylvanian Furniture Cluster being in charge with conducting the case studies in all of 4 countries, to asses the needs of the furniture industry from future employees. The learning curriculum will be flexible, efficient and deeply connected with the realities of furniture manufacturers, involving experts from the industry in the teaching activities, as well as case studies and real life challanges. The kick of meeting for INTRIDE had happend online in 16 and 17 April, while 24 experts involved in the project discussed all the details to reach the target audiences that can help with the assesment of needs and challenges regarding the qualified workforce. INTRIDE is co-financed through the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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