Traceable Pack is committed to a more efficient production of flexible containers through process monitoring

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 21 December 2022

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  • CLIMESA, FITEX, MODACC, PACKAGING CLUSTER and TAI SMART FACTORY participate in the initiative that unites two sectors - textile and packaging - with the common goal of moving towards Industry 4.0
  • Traceable Pack is investigating the incorporation of Traceability 4.0 in the development, manufacture and marketing of flexible containers in order to know the shelf life of the packaging after exposure to the sun
  • During the project, the different stages of CLIMESA's manufacturing process have been analysed in order to design the most efficient system

The flexible container manufacturer CLIMESA, together with the software developer TAI SMART FACTORY, the Foundation for Textile Innovation FITEX, and the clusters MODACC and PACKAGING CLUSTER have joined together under the umbrella of the Traceable Pack project to develop a collaborative innovation solution. This aims to make CLIMESA's production more efficient in each of its phases, through the monitoring of its processes and the incorporation of new technologies.

Over the last few months, the consortium of companies and entities has developed a traceability system for the production and use of the CLIMESA product (flexible containers for the agri-food, chemical, plastic and construction sectors) through the collection of process data (during production) and solar exposure data (post-sale) to provide the flexible containers with information that makes them safer and of higher quality. 

All this information will be displayed on a smart label sewn to the container, maintaining its safety and resistance conditions. To incorporate all this data to the label, CLIMESA has incorporated a Qplant software system developed by TAI SMART FACTORY that collects and organises the plant data in real time, with which "to increase productivity to maintain the level of competitiveness", as Joan Climent, General Manager of CLIMESA, explains.

For its part, FITEX has studied the use of photochromatic inks on labels to control the solar radiation received by the fabric during its useful life. As Georgina Fabregat from the FITEX R&D Department states, "it will help CLIMESA to know the useful life of the flexible containers and thus discard those that have already reached the end of their period of use".

This initiative brings together two fields, textiles and packaging, to respond to a common need: to trace production processes from manufacturing to after-sales, to improve each step and be more efficient thanks to technology and knowledge.

Traceable Pack is a project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in the 2022 call for Innovative Business Groups, thus contributing to the transition towards a Connected Industry.

Here more information about the project: 

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