Textile Innovation Day & SmartX Final Event - The future of textiles met at Città Studi Biella: a day dedicated to Smart Textiles

Submitted by Giulia Barbagelata on 09 May 2022


The meeting was stimulating and full of food for thought on the many industrial applications of Smart Textiles, ranging from the
medical and wellness fields to sport and personal protection.

The speakers discussed textile-based monitoring systems for hospital and domestic use and for child safety in cars, textiles with integrated biosensors for real-time monitoring of mineral salt loss, textiles that change colour through electromagnetic pulses and can be used not only in the fashion sector but also in the military, sensorised yarns and many other applications that are increasingly attracting market interest.

SmartX, the three-year project entirely dedicated to innovation in the Smart Textiles field, of which Città Studi – Po.in.tex is partner, was presented too. In recent years SmartX has funded 50 companies with more than EUR 2.3 million for the development of 25 projects, many of which have then found their way onto the international market. During the Biella meeting, the Italian companies presented their innovative products to the large audience present. Equal space was also given to the projects developed by Po.in.tex member companies, active in Smart Textiles too.

The presentations and the video of the event are fully available at the following link: https://www.smartx-europe.eu/

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