TEX4IM First International Matchmaking Event

Submitted by Enrico Venturini on 31 October 2019

Tex4IM, the European long-term partnership for Industrial Modernisation of the Textile and Clothing sector, in cooperation with the European Enterprise Network (EEN), brings together the main European textile-based clusters with the aim of setting up new co-operations by enhancing innovation capacities, business models, knowledge, skill levels and other key competitive factors at the basis of the future of European Textile-clothing sector.

TEX4IM First International Textile-Clothing Matchmaking Event Stockholm, November 13-14, 2019

The Tex4im matchmaking event is place to be to grow and expand your market opportunities!

Venue: The Swedish History Museum Narvavägen 13–17 114 84 Stockholm, Sweden

During the day you will have opportunity to meet new business partners in the matchmaking event, seminar and workshop about textile challenges in sustainable material, chemistry and recycling.

To subscribe to the matchmaking sessions and book your B2B meetings: tex4im.b2match.io

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