Techtera is a partner of EUROBOOSTEX aiming to accelerate the digital and ecological transition in the textile industry

Submitted by Sonia Descoins on 10 October 2022


Objectives of the partnership
Launch last september, the european project EUROBOOSTEX aims to stimulate the environmental and digital transition of European textile SMEs, and to boost their international competitiveness. In particular, the project will improve the resilience of textile SMEs by fostering their capacity to innovate, encouraging the assimilation and integration of technologies, and helping them to develop their skills and go global.
EUROBOOSTEX is led by the Spanish cluster ATEVAL, and brings together Techtera's historical European textile clusters partners: NTT (Italy), AEI Textile (Spain), CITEVE (Portugal).
It has a global budget of 1 439 000 €.

Project actions and services to companies
A set of actions carried out by the partners and completed by financing will be proposed to textile SMEs during 3 years. The total amount of this funding is €1,050,000. It will be devoted to
- Promoting innovation through the financing of new products or services,
- Supporting the adoption of advanced digital technologies,
- Support the requalification of the textile workforce,
- Strengthen skills through training,
- Explore international opportunities in Australia,
- Leading a European textile network for resilience and generating growth opportunities for SMEs.

Cluster organisation
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