Takeaways for ESCP-4X and Clusters from the COVID-19 Era

Submitted by Veronica Elena Bocci on 21 May 2020

In the framework of the Webinar "Rail Industry in COVID-19 Era: Policy Developments and Activities", organised as ERCI Webinars by DITECFER (EXXTRA Coordinator) in collaboration with the European Commission - DG GROW, a series of 'takeaways for ESCP-4X and cluster community in the COVID-19 Era' have been drawn and shared on the basis of the experience developed by DITECFER in this period, where - together with the activity on the field of cluster management- it has also been participating to the European Alliance Against Coronavirus (ECCA) Task Force daily meetings. During these meetings many topics influencing clusters' current and future activities have been addressed, all of them requring Cluster Managers to be real "Cluster Managers of Change".

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