Sustainable solutions for the mining sector: Call for proposals open until 14 March

Submitted by Nina Hoppmann on 21 February 2022

2nd call announcement

MINE.THE.GAP is an opportunity for SMEs! The project brings together SMEs from the raw materials and the mining sector with companies that have solutions for a more digital, greener, and circular mining value chain. SMEs can receive funding of up to 50,000 EUR in total if they submit their project proposal. They can be funded in more than one project under MINE.THE.GAP.

These two vouchers are available to SMEs:
- MINE-PoC (max. 25,000 EUR per SME): projects for the design and implementation of a prototype/proof-of-concept to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed solution
- MINE-Demo (max. 50,000 EUR per SME): projects for developing and testing in a production environment of a simple functional demo/pilot with all the major features of the product/service/solution

There is almost one month left! The call closes on 14th March 2022.

How can CLUSTERS help?
MINE.THE.GAP encourages clusters to advertise the open call to as many SMEs as they can, as it is in the clusters' nature to communicate opportunities to eligible SMEs and move towards a greener and more digital future.
Through MINE.THE.GAP, European SMEs can enter new collaborations to develop products, technologies, solutions, and services for the raw materials and mining sectors.
MINE.THE.GAP provides direct financial support to SMEs through innovation vouchers as well as business support services for the selected projects to enhance innovation capacities, promote technology transfer and commercialization, and boost internationalization.

- MINE.THE.GAP funds collaborative activities between two or three for-profit and /or public SMEs.
- They need to come from at least two of the MINE.THE.GAP consortium countries or from a country of the Mining industry Smart Specialization Platform, which are: Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Spain, or Sweden.
- Among the project partners, there needs to be an “adopter” of the product/service/solution, while at least one partner needs to be a “provider” of the proposed product/service/solution.

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