Sustainable progress to build the Future : Mesap EU commitments

Submitted by alessiamenduni on 04 February 2019

Sustainable progress to build the Future : Mesap EU commitments 

MESAP sustains companies prosperity fostering their innovative production models, helping their workers to manage the factory of the future and  facing the production challenges in terms eco-efficiency (i.e. take part of the so called Circular Economy). For these reasons Mesap is part of Fit4fof, a H2020 project addressing workers’ needs and developing a new education and training framework, which places workers at the centre of a co-design process. Fit4Fof focuses on 6 industrial areas (robotics, additive manufacturing, mechatronics/machine automation, data analytics, cybersecurity and human machine interaction)to define new educational approaches and trainings based on communities to design and develop upskilling programmes. FIT4FoF will develop Alliances of Communities of Practice to broaden the approach across Europe, creating replication strategies enabling educational/training design. Discover how to improve your workforce ready for the factory to the future .

MESAP is also one of the member of ICP4Life, a consortium proposing  an integrated, collaborative platform for the design, the development and the support of product-service systems for SMEs, equipment manufacturers and energy suppliers to maximize their impact in the European industry. ICP4Life seeks to reduce up to 30% the lead times in product development and process planning for modular product-services and to reduce the environmental footprint of products by up to 30% through the control and monitoring of all their lifecycle phases from design up to disposal. Furthermore, some of the main objectives of ICP4Life are the introduction of advanced services in the energy suppliers industry through early dissemination as well as the better integration of customers and manufacturers (targeting all SMEs and industrial equipment manufacturers) to increase the competitiveness of the European manufacturing community. Discover more on .

On 17 January 2019 MESAP joined the kick off meeting in Brussels of 5E - Federating European Electronics Ecosystems for Competitive Electronics Industries, the H2020 30 months project supporting the European electronics industry to keep its competitive edge and foster value creation. 5E will underpin digitisation and support specifically the electronics industry in seizing opportunities by federating – not merging – the 3 European electronics ecosystems. Federation will be achieved by developing a joint vision based on the state of play and focusing on interfaces, as well as on opportunities for collaboration and cross-fertilisation. A technology and application meta-roadmap will be elaborated and implemented in the 3 electronics areas, in application sectors, in the areas of digitisation, as well as on the European and regional policy levels. MESAP will cooperate with 6 partners to reinforce cooperation and outreach across Europe - in all relevant value chains, sectors, areas and target groups – and at the international level. Targeted actions reach out to EU projects, large industry, SMEs, start-ups, demand-side, users and wider public, and include a toolbox, digital library and showcase as well as a contest. MESAP is WP leader on oureach activities 5E together with

On 25th January 2019 MESAP promoted RETRACE (“A Systemic Approach for REgions TRAnsitioning towards a Circular Economy”), an Interreg project aiming at promoting systemic design as a method helping local and regional policies to move towards a circular economy, a new economic paradigm according to the 3R approach of “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”. In a circular economy value is created by focusing on value retention focused on the sustainability through eco-effectiveness or eco-efficiency. As the French scientist Antoine Lavoisier has written in 1743,  "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed". RETRACE aims at identify and exchange of 30 good practices in 5 target policy areas, inspiring politicians and policy-makers with specific activities and drafts a road map for the adoption of method and good practices by other EU regions. Watch the video and discover more on

Download RETRACE Guidelines here 

1) “Systemic Design method guide for policymaking, A circular Europe on the way”

2) “Good Practices Guide: Systemic Approaches for A Circular Economy”

3) Policy Road map , A systemic approach for Circular Regions “

Mesap took part to EU Industry Days, Brussels 5-6th February : together with IoT4Industry members, the European Digital Industry Alliance (DIA) and the Silicon Europe Alliance MESAP joined the workshop  “Sustainable cross-cluster networking - a game changer for European Industry in a global digital economy” animated by Marc Pattinson, Managing Director of inno TSD and focused on the key role of clusters and metacluster to sustain a successful industrial policy. #EUindustryDays Agenda

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