Survey on Cluster Managers Abilities, Knowledge, Skills and Competences

Submitted by András Gonda on 21 November 2017

ArchEnerg Cluster is participating in a project Cluster4Smart (under Erasmus+ Programme), which aims to expand the knowledge of cluster managers of Europe through the development of an innovative, online training resource tool. For this project, clusters (SCS, France – leading partner, AMUEBLA, Spain, ArchEnerg and IKOSZ, Hungary), universities and research institutes (University of Strasbourg, France, and Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Germany) and a business stakeholder (European Business and Innovation Center of Burgos, Spain) have teamed up.

In this regard, we conduct a survey, which aims to gather all relevant cluster management abilities, knowledge, skills and competences that enable clusters to become the drivers of innovation, acceleration and collaboration, to foster cross-sectoral and cross-border technological development (Cluster 4.0) towards a smart economy (in the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0). 

To facilitate that this online training tool addresses the critical cluster management training needs, CLUSTER ORGANISATIONS and CLUSTER STAKEHOLDERS are kindly asked to collaborate with us by taking part in this SURVEY (before 10 December). It will take about 10-15 minutes to reply.

Cluster managers and cluster staff may proceed with the survey, here:

Cluster stakeholder organisations may continue to the survey, here:

The results will be published in a brief summary report that respondents will receive. They will also be a key input for the online training tool development. Respondents will be invited to be one of the first participants in the online course.

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