Spanish study visit 18/02/2020

Submitted by Gus Verhaeghe on 29 October 2020

On 18 February 2020, the study visit in Spain was organized by ASINCAR. The event was attended by participants from 7 countries and included the following programme and presentations:

  • Tech demo site and showroom CTIC
  • Industrial pilot plant IDONIAL-Gijon
  • Food pilot plant 4.0 ASINCAR

In order to browse the presentations: click here 

Conclusion: During the study visit in Asturias, participants were able to see in detail the major regional LL avalaible for the Food 4.0 transition, with their corresponding infrastructure, technical specialization and previous related projects. Also, multiple live demonstrations of digital applications, focusing on Food or potentially transferred to the sector, were made allowing participants to “feel” in a practical way the capacities and benefits of this IT solutions for the Food companies. Interestengly, we were able to visit 3 LL with a different perspective (one IT, other industrial, and finally one just focused in Food processing, the target sector for Connsensys) that also brought to the activity different views, strategies and approaches to deal with Digital Transformation. The main aim of the activity from a SME perspective was to digest all this information, examples shared and provide them inspiration, new knowledge, practical examples and references to support them in the change of their industrial paradigm. But also, to show them what they could get from LL, how important is to incorporate this infrastructue in the digital journey, and which collaborative modes are more common between companies and LL. Finally, also to mention that the interactive atmosphere during the event was really great and collaborations raised from the activity.

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