SME technical and promotional support by the PARSEC Business Catalysts

Submitted by Natassa Antoniou on 16 April 2021

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To be a market champion one requires the capacity to quickly analyse vast amounts of data, develop services of great value and bring them to as many customers as possible. Our three business catalysts are here to help SMEs and start-ups do just that.

Beyond facilitating the acceleration process of new, marketable solutions, the “business catalysts” developed as part of the PARSEC Accelerator aim to serve the greater Earth Observation (EO) community so that it too can aspire to embody our motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. Thus, as part of the PARSEC legacy, these tools will be complementing the technology provided by the Copernicus DIAS platforms. In this way, the PARSEC developed and tested tools will be supporting future EO innovators.

The tools developed by the PARSEC experts will become available to SMEs and start-ups at the end of the project but, companies are already encouraged to take advantage of the operational eoMALL and eoPAGES.

Big Data Toolbox

The Big Data Toolbox enables the use of Earth Observation data for the purposes of developing innovative services to better and faster inform business decision-making. This suite of tools offers easier access, processing, analysis, and EO data storage.

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eoMALL, eoPAGES and eoPAGES Africa

To realise the full business potential of your solution you need to reach out to as many customers as possible. eoMALL and eoPAGES provide an online access point to EO companies and services.

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In-situ Data Hub

To build an EO-based service of significant added-value one needs to have a highly accurate picture of what is happening, when and where. Introducing the In situ Data Hub where users can effectively access and combine a large variety of local (“in situ”) open data sources. Besides being essential for finetuning and enhancing satellite-based observations, this free and open in situ information is also an important source of data that could fuel your new service or product.

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