Slovenian clusters` vision of new cluster policy in Slovenia

Submitted by Vladimir Gumilar on 02 June 2016

Slovenian Clusters Presented Joint Position to the Draft of Supportive Environment for Entrepreneurship Regulation Act in Slovenia

Slovenian clusters have jointly prepared position paper to the amending of Slovenian Draft of Supportive Environment for Entrepreneurship Regulation Law, which was in the process of open consultations until 25.05.2016.

The proposed law is neglecting and not including the role of cluster organizations as drivers of innovation and economic growth. It offers no systemic financial support to cluster organization activities as it is in most of developed EU regions, although the clusters are entirely acting in the purpose of proposed law.

Therefore for the first time, the Slovenian cluster forces were joint in preparation of comments addressing cluster organization needs in respect to functioning innovation ecosystem in Slovenia.

The main arguments:

  1. It is necessary to include in the law text on the appropriate places and explanation texts, the cluster organizations, as a subjects of innovative environment. Definition of the cluster is defined later in this text.
  2. As part of this amendment it is necessary to amend the Rules of Subjects of Innovative Environment Records, which should detail the conditions for the cluster organizations as the subjects of support and innovative environment. The clusters at the moment cannot be listed to this official base.
  3. The law should specify the operations of the cluster organizations with Cluster National Strategic Documents (provide missing legal basis)
  4. Public Agency (SPIRIT) is must strengthen the support to technological development, innovation, offer governmental strategic cluster support, foster cross sectoral cooperation and support to the realization of programmes and smart specialization strategies, European development cooperation and internationalization.

Definition: Cluster

"A cluster is a network of companies and development institutions (including universities) with a thematic focus, regional concentration, institutionally organized and the leader of the bunch. The cluster can include other actors such as. public agencies. "

Source: (European Cluster Excellence Initiative,

The document was prepared by

  1. TECES, Tecnological Center of Electric Machines
  2. Slovenian Construction Cluster
  3. Technology Network ICT
  4. Plasttechnics Cluster
  5. TECOS,  Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre
  6. Wood Industry Cluster

How we will be successful, we shall let you know along the policy making process in following news section from Slovenia.

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