Silicon Europe Cluster Forum 2018 in Bilbao

Submitted by Itziar Vidorreta on 09 November 2018

The 05th and 06th of 2018 we hosted the Silicon Europe Cluster Forum in Bilbao. This is an event which is held twice a year and this time it was the turn for cluster GAIA to organize it.

Partners from different clusters came to our office in Bilbao and we elaborated an agenda in order to know more about the Basque environment and the different activities in which is participating.

First of all, the 05th of November, the SPRI (Basque Trade and Development Agency) made us a presentation of what is the Basque Country and which are the regional main industrial activities, priorities and strategies. Then, we visited the company Arteche, which is one of the worldwide leaders in terms of electronic applications and installations. Finally, we visited the technology centre IK4 Tekniker in Eibar, where they showed us the main activities they are working at and the initiatives they are carrying out in the fields of IOT and electronics.

The 06th of November, we had the partner meeting in order to align the different action lines of the alliance and present the main activities that we will perform the 2019. During the meeting we had the opportunity to make a small tour to the BasqueGameLab and to try some of the technologies exposed there.

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