The Servicontrol project will involve the automation of the manufacturing system for SMEs

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 17 August 2022

  • In recent months, Industrias Plásticas Triana, Tepsis, E21 Design Technologies, Controlpack and the Packaging Cluster have investigated how to achieve automated and connected manufacturing
  • Servicontrol gives continuity to the Packvision project, also activated by the Packaging Cluster, which proposes the incorporation of artificial vision technology for zero error in the factory

The Servicontrol project is a commitment to automated and connected manufacturing, which is financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism thanks to the support program for the AEI Innovative Business Groups. The initiative is in the last phase of development in which the control of the packaging production process is sought, primary packaging in this case, and the implementation of new technologies for the monitoring of machinery in packaging application (secondary and tertiary packaging).

Four partners of the Packaging Cluster participate in the project, an entity specialized in revitalizing the sector with 130 associates, all of them representatives of different parts of the packaging value chain: Industrias Plásticas Triana, manufacturer of plastic injection containers; Tepsis, experts in comprehensive business IT solutions; E21 Design Technologies, engineering specializing in the automation of the production process; Controlpack, Integrator of solutions for the optimization of packaging processes.

Servicontrol is the continuation of the Packvision project, in which three of the current five partners participated: Industrias Plásticas Triana, as end user; E21 Design Technologies, as technological expert; and Packaging Cluster, as the driving force and link of the ecosystem. Together with AIS Vision Systems, a company from Sabadell specialized in artificial vision, quality control was improved in the production process (part injection and printing) and the automation of the IP Triana end of line. 

Now, what is intended is to take advantage of this work and go further, by IP Triana it will develop a data collection system in the injection packaging production plant to monitor the efficiency of processes and favor decision making, which will allow connectivity with the client and the provider. 

The objective in this second part of the project is to install IoT devices in the distributed machinery, to offer monitoring of the packaging processes to its network of clients and for Controlpack to be able to monitor the consumption of material. Through the sensorization of machinery and production equipment, it is intended to define the infrastructure for data collection, treatment and subsequent monitoring in real time. 

With Servicontrol it will be possible to improve productivity, process and data management control, replicating it in other sectors. The fact of having both the production and the customer network connected makes it easier to have information on what is happening in real time and to be able to act on the two strategic lines pursued by the project: production control and service quality evaluation

Finally, the project opens the possibility to expand operational management functions. In the case of Controlpack, where the platform will already have bidirectional communication with the ERP, it will be possible to expand functionalities in the management system and facilitate greater service control. Through this call at AEI, monitoring, treatment and control will be carried out to integrate it into customer communication services. 

In the case of IP Triana, production monitoring opens up the possibility of having greater traceability of production orders and optimizing communication with the client, facilitating delivery dates and even providing information on product quality.

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