The second phase of the FoodStart.CAT project begins with the purpose of promoting Open Innovation between companies

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 03 March 2022

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We are entering the second phase of the Project, in which the Catalan wine cluster INNOVI, the Gourmet Cluster, the Foodservice Cluster, the Catalan meat cluster INNOVACC and the Packaging Cluster -, together with the Agència per la Competitivitat de l'Empresa ACCIÓ and Eatable Adventures joined forces a year ago to promote innovation among their companies by identifying potential business opportunities with start-ups from around the world.

In this second phase, the aim will be to jointly promote the culture of innovation and corporate venturing - a collaboration model between companies and startups - with the aim of generating disruptive innovation that improves the competitiveness of those associated with the most representative clusters in the industry. food of Catalonia.

For this, three different actions will be carried out: 1) conferences in which to share with innovative leaders the keys to Open Innovation and Corporate Venturing, such as the one held on January 14 by Eatable Adventures; 2) Showcases with which to identify innovative opportunities to challenges defined by each of the clusters in the previous phase and with applications in the short term that allow the rapid achievement of the expected results; and 3) an Intelligence Radar that will consist of the active and selective search for relevant news about the food industry to offer to the clusters according to the proposed theme, thus expanding their knowledge and tools with which to develop in the current environment.

The dates of the next showcases are:

  • International Alternative Protein Showcase: 01/28 
  • International Showcase of the Gourmet sector: 02/18
  • International Foodservice Showcase: 03/11
  • International wine sector showcase: 04/01
  • International Packaging Showcase: 04/22

The project will continue with PHASE 3 whose objective is to offer Open Innovation tools that allow member companies to quickly validate innovation and collaborate with their suppliers and partners in the development of new solutions and business models.


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