ROSEWOOD final event and ROSEWOOD 4.0 kickoff

Submitted by PRO WOOD Regio… on 24 January 2020

ROSEWOOD final event and ROSEWOOD 4.0 kickoff 

The representatives of the PRO WOOD Regional Wood Cluster participated at the ROSEWOOD Final Conference and the Forestry Innovation Workshop, which took place from 15th to 16th January in Florence. The event was jointly hosted by the Horizon 2020 funded ROSEWOOD Network of Regions on Sustainable Wood Mobilisation as well as EFI, ERIAFF and other European associations of the forestry and wood community.  

The ROSEWOOD Network identified further needs and opportunities in wood mobilisation for the network’s regions; North, South, Central and East Europe. ROSEWOOD collected over 100 Best Practices and Innovations that propose exemplary solutions to the sector’s challenges, from small owner activation to increasing forest biodiversity and resilience. At the conference, the ROSEWOOD Regional Roadmaps’ recommendations for a strategic transfer of these cases were put up for discussion. The digital transitions of the sector as well as the combat against climate change were acknowledged as main areas calling for greater cooperation among European actors.

Speakers at the conferenced showed forestry’s innovative power that ranges from introducing new technologies like lidar in forest inventory to pursuing novel approaches for wood flow management and local wood valorization through charcoal or biomass nutrients production. The sector is not short of fresh ideas for better managing, harvesting and processing of wood resources. In the next 24 months, an opportunity to intensify the exchange on innovation will be the Horizon 2020 project ROSEWOOD4.0, officially kicked-off in Florence. ROSEWOOD 4.0 project will continue the work began in ROSEWOOD, with a clear focus on digitalisation.

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