Results of 2nd Open Call

Submitted by Magdalena Salik on 23 May 2023


After the closing of our 2nd Open Call on 27th March 2023 and the pre-scoring of the numerous projects, we are sharing results and statistics! The second Open Call enjoyed great interest! European SMEs have been numerous to apply with 37 submitted applications and selected 31 involving 66 entities from 16 countries. 3 countries stand out among others – Italy (15 applicants!) as one of the top source countries, then Spain (11 applicants) and Greece (8 applicants). We are proud to have given a chance to entrepreneurs from the whole of Europe! More than half of submitted and preselected applications concern challenges of the aerospace&aeronautics sector (11 applications). The second sector chosen by applicants was building (10 applications). An equal number of applications were submitted in response to challenges from two other sectors (5 applications): automotive and energy. mong materials selected by preselected applicants, one stands out among others: polymer-based composite material constitutes the largest percentage 51,6 % of applications (16 applications), and the second is– light metal alloys 29% (6 applications). The third material ceramic matrix composites – gathered 9 applications which are 19,4% of all applications.

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