RESIST Eurocluster launches open call to fund networking and marketing activities for SMEs

Submitted by Sonia Piñeiro on 05 May 2023

networking open call RESIST

RESIST Eurocluster has launched a new open call for Networking and Marketing activities for SMEs working in the Mobility, Transport and Automotive (MTA) ecosystem. The objective of this call is to provide financial support for these companies to participate in international networking and marketing activities organised within the European Union.

The eligible activities for this call are the attendance to exhibitions, conferences and forums, participation in matchmaking events, and meetings with potential customers or suppliers. The financial support provided will be up to €500 for networking activities and up to €250 for marketing activities (one person maximum per applicant and service). Companies may receive funding for both services, although they will need to submit independent applications.

This open call is part of the FSTP instrument used by the European Commission to distribute public funds and generate opportunities for SMEs in the adoption or development of digital technologies.

The submission for this call is open until 20 December 2024. We encourage eligible companies to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in international networking and marketing activities, which can be essential for business growth and expansion.

For more information on this open call and the application process, please visit the Cluster Submission Platform.

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