Report on Industry Agriculture Farming 4.0 SME Innovation

Submitted by FEGEANT NICOLAS on 29 October 2020

To continue mapping industry 4.0 support initiatives (funding and expert support) available to SMEs in the partner areas - a first mapping of 57 initiatives managed by public authorities or financed by public funding covering 9 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Cyprus; and 10 regions: Emilia-Romagna & Umbria (Italy), Pays de la Loire, Bretagne & Auvergne (France), Andalucía & Madrid (Spain), Zuid-Holland and Zuid-Limburg (Netherlands), and South East Romania (Romania) was done through a desk study formalised as D3.1 “Report on industry/agriculture 4.0 funding & support initiatives”, submitted at the end of M5 - sub-task 3.1.2 aims at identifying and documenting industry, agriculture and farming 4.0 SME Innovation and Business Good Practice regarding innovation and business support to SMEs, with particular reference to traceability and big data, to strengthen their competitiveness and sustainability at the international level.

Good Practice were to be documented in brief, easy to read documents which would then be uploaded on the project website and promoted through the news section and at the various project events and webinars (for example in T3.2).

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