Report on Industry 4.0 Funding & Support Initiatives

Submitted by FEGEANT NICOLAS on 29 October 2020

Task 3.1 seeks to map public support initiatives (be they financial or in-kind support) offered to agrifood SMEs to help them get up-to-speed with the Industry 4.0 opportunities. The mapping was done through a desk study which gave priority to the support programmes or projects offered in the 5 TRACK partner countries. Additional information for countries not represented in the consortium was given for readily available data through the partners’ own contacts.

An Excel tracker was created to map a selection of current “industry/agriculture 4.0 funding & support initiatives”, i.e. programmes, projects or funds dedicated to supporting SMEs in the digitalization sector. The tracker includes information about how SMEs can get funded through the programme, which mechanism of support are applied and is the programme described envisaging a cluster to get involved in the support and how.

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