ReinaPLUS - Brazil Target Market Group Meeting

Submitted by Ander González on 19 July 2016

EnergyIN – The Portuguese Cluster for Energy, carried out the Target Market Group Meeting "Internacionalizar as PME de Energia – Energy SMEs Go International - Meeting Brazil" on the 12th july 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal. The event was part of the project European Energy Clusters - REINA PLUS, where ENERGYIN is the partner leading the activities related to Brazil. This event took place in the auditorium of AICEP – the Portuguese Trade Agency, which is an institutional partner of EnergyIN for the REINA PLUS project.

The agenda of the meeting comprised 8 speakers and had over 40 registered participants, including 27 companies looking into the opportunities of going international to Brazil. Relevant information was presented to companies considering exploring this market, which is expected to continue investments in solar and wind energy in the coming years. The initiatives planned in the context of the project European Energy Clusters - REINA PLUS in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Morocco and Tunisia were presented, as well as other relevant initiatives (Low Carbon Business Action - Brazil and Enterprise Europe Network) who can provide support for energy companies in the target markets. Two speakers came in live from Brazil to highlight some specificities of the Brazilian market. AICEP also presented the tools available to facilitate the internationalization of companies.

The consortium European Energy Clusters - REINA PLUS is organizing matchmaking missions to target markets and support initiatives to European Energy SMEs regularly disseminated in the ECCP site

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