Registration for Top Packaging Summit

Submitted by Alexander Schwock on 03 June 2016

The registration for the Top Packaging Summit is now open. 

Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge is an annual international packaging conference. A two-day inspirational meeting place for forward thinking guaranteed to open your mind, fuel your thoughts and inspire you to think new.

During the conference, participants can take part of inspiring presentations from speakers representing the entire value chain. Last year Top Packaging Summit attracted 330 participants from 25 countries, 31 inspirational speakers and 45 exhibitors. This sets the stage for a world-class conference.

We use our broad network to offer you inspirational speeches from a wide array of topics and connect you with professionals from every part of the industry. You’ll meet executives, brand owners, scientists and academy, marketers and innovators.

This year we present speakers from Unilever, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, HP Indigo, Carlsberg, Amore Brand Identity, Thin Films and Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Please read more about the speakers and the programme on our website.

Top Packaging Summit is arranged by Packbridge. We are an international, neutral and non-profitable, member-based packaging network, or cluster. Founded in 2010, we have grown to over 230 members and we are a rapidly growing network for the packaging industry and all its stakeholders, customers, suppliers, researchers and innovators. The idea of Packbridge is to create a venue that naturally connects industry with academia, research with commercial application, and perhaps most importantly people with people.

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