REC-N-COMP: Reopening of applications to the mission in Japan (May 2023)

Submitted by Robin Oddon on 28 February 2023


The REC-N-COMP project, co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union, will support the internationalization of European SMEs having recently set-up, fine-tuned and consolidated their business in the production of recycled-based composites and/or sustainable recycled materials and their manufacturing technologies, using as input materials end-of-life waste coming from different sectors as Textile&Clothing, Automotive and Furniture. The project partnership will implement and test a joint internationalization strategy for SMEs of recycled-based composites value chain towards specific third markets: the USA, Japan and Singapore.

Reopening of the Call for Pitches for SMEs applications to the mission in Japan (May 2023)

This call is specifically opened for the mission in Japan.

From February 28th to March 20th, REC-N-COMP reopens the Call for Pitches for SMEs wanting to participate in the mission to Japan.

While in Japan, the REC-N-COMP team will provide the participants with a series of activities to bring together SMEs and other stakeholders, with the high potentiality of collaboration in technological innovation and technology transfer.

The official mission aims to propose the following activities:

  • B2B meetings with local companies
  • Individual meetings with local stakeholders
  • C2C meetings (cluster to cluster) and agreements signature
  • Visit to companies, research labs, incubators or agencies/associations
  • Visit to the fair Highly-Functional Material Week – Plastic Japan.

Why apply?

The Call for Pitches offers a unique opportunity for SMEs to participate in the mission to Japan. The participants, selected on the basis of the score assigned, will receive a lump sum to refund the costs for one person’s trip to the destination country. The lump sum available for each single company for the mission to Japan is 2,660.00 Euros. The participation in the activities of the mission themselves is free of charge, as the organisation costs are covered by the budget of the REC-N-COMP partnership.

The REC-N-COMP Call For Pitches is open to all SMEs having or planning to set up their activity in the field of recycled-based composites and/or sustainable recycled materials and related technologies using end-of-life materials from the sectors of Textile&Clothing, Automotive or Furniture and with headquarters or a branch office in either Italy, France, Belgium or Poland.  We are going to select SMEs looking for an opportunity to take part in an international mission to Japan. The objective of the mission is to develop networks and relationships between companies and other stakeholders to create new business opportunities in the field of recycled-based and sustainable materials for composite. The mission will take place from 15 May 2023 till 19 May 2023 (travel excluded).

Application process and useful links

In order to be eligible for the Call, the following documents must be submitted starting from Tuesday 28 February 2023 and before the deadline of Monday 20 March 2023:

  • The correct and complete filling of the following “Application Form”: 
  • 3 Slides to be prepared in accordance with the prefilled model including:
    • 1 slide of company presentation explaining the key features of the company.
    • 1 slide explaining the potential offer within the recycled-based composites and/or sustainable recycled materials sector for the selected country and the potential impact for the company applying; the quality level and ambition of the offer will also be assessed
    • Slide explaining the needs within the sector addressed to the selected country.

These slides must be submitted in .pdf format to the following email: leonardo.marchetti [at] with the subject “REC-N-COMP CallForPitches_ApplicationTitle_Company “

The full terms and conditions of the call are available here.

The companies submitting an application must be SMEs according to the EU legislation and have headquarters or a branch office in one of the Partners countries (Italy, France, Belgium or Poland).

Being a member of one of the Organizing Partners’ clusters will be considered a rewarding criteria in the selection.  

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