REC-N-COMP in Japan - Day 3

Submitted by Robin Oddon on 17 May 2023


For this third day in Japan, the mission led by REC-N-COMP on the topic of recycled materials-based and sustainable composites focused on the topic of carbon fiber, with the main expert companies from Japan in the sector. REC-N-COMP and the JCMA (Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association) organised a meeting, held at the embassy of France and supported by Business France, to share opinions and interests about carbon fiber. Along with the 5 clusters and 6 companies from Europe, the meeting was attended by the members of the JCMA: Toray Industries, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, Kureha Corporation, Teijin Limited, Osaka Gas Chemicals, and Nippon Graphite Fiber Corporation, Nippon Carbon Co.
This introduction to the main producers of carbon fiber was a first step for setting up cooperation with the participation European SMEs, and also for determining the possible common activities which could be undertaken between REC-N-COMP and the JCMA.

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