Pyxo and its eco-friendly food boxes

Submitted by William Fox on 15 August 2019

At Pyxo they are convinced that for companies and individuals to adopt an ecological thought, a change of mentality should be carried out: ecology must be seen, not as a restriction, but as a day-to-day benefit.

The company’s activity is based on the creation of a circular system in the communities through the PyxoBoxes, its reusable food boxes distributed among companies in the area. Its model is very simple: at lunchtime employees of a company can enjoy their food without using disposable wrappings. Once they finish eating they can deposit their PyxoBox in the container installed in their office. Pyxo is responsible for collecting, cleaning and redistributing them again.

This is the story of one of the SMEs participating in our acceleration program. C-VOUCHER is proud to be able to help this company to make a real difference in the water treatment industry.

To read the complete story and watch an accompanying video follow this link.

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