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Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 02 December 2019

Recently, from Packaging Cluster, we have been aware of the positive resolution of several projects that we have presented in grants calls for ACCIÓ, the Waste Agency of Catalonia and the European Commission, to promote areas such as circular economy, digitalization and internationalization, among others. One of the lines of action of the cluster is the development of R+D+i projects, in line with the generation of shared value and scientific knowledge that helps the progress of companies in the packaging sector.

On the one hand, ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Generalitat of Catalonia, have approved two of our proposals. The first one, Planta Digital, with IPE Industria Gráfica S.L.U and TAI Smart Factory, in order to track the entire manufacturing order in real time, incorporating a software that allows us to streamline production processes and ensure quality. The grant for the benefit of competitive reinforcement amounts to 9,838.99€. The second project is about an online parametric configurator of corrugated cardboard boxes in 3D, with an allocation of 10,864.7€. It has been presented with 3D Click and Saica Pack. This project aims to offer customers combinations of real packaging in real time and personalization between the different types of products they have, to co-create the box with the customer.

At European level, in the European Cluster Excellence Programwe coordinated the “Safe Smart Food” project, within the COSME program, which has been approved to start in January 2020. It is a commitment to sustainability, food security and technology applied to productive development and the end-user shopping experience –Smart Food-. Several related European clusters or agencies participate in the project, apart from Packaging Cluster: FoodService Cluster (Barcelona), Business Upper (Austria), Smart Food Cluster (Lithuania) y the Latvian Federation of Food Companies (Latvia). In 2019, the same program allowed us to carry out the FoodPackLab and the AdPack2, focused on promoting the internationalization of the cluster and future synergies with renowned companies.

More information about Safe Smart Food here.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the positive provisional resolution of grants for the promotion of circular economy projects, by Agencia de Residuos de Cataluña. On the one hand, they have approved the project with Industrias Plásticas Triana, S.L. around the research of Biodegradable Polymers Compatible with Triana products, with the professional support of the Centro Tecnológico Eurocat, which has extensive experience in circular economy projects. The grant awarded was 40,000.00€. On the other hand, the “Sumbox Project“, a solution manufactured by HINOJOSA PACKAGING, SL, with the technical and environmental validation of the Centro Tecnológico LEITAT and the market validation by MarketADD, receives a grant of 35,101.47€.

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