The project of analysis of the food and packaging value chain of Barberà del Vallès, which aims to adapt companies and workers to digital transformation

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 28 October 2021

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  • Within the framework of the Work, Talent and Technology (WTT) programme promoted by the Barcelona Provincial Council, the process of evaluating the digital maturity point of local companies and its strategy to drive and train people in the digitalisation of new processes and the incorporation of new technologies and tools has begun.
  • The City Council of Barberà del Vallès, the Barberà Promoció Foundation and Nodus Barberà, with the collaboration of the Packaging Cluster, promote the project that seeks opportunities for talent management in the territory of Vallés Occidental.

The project SUPPORT TO DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, promoted by the City Council of Barberà del VallèsBarberà Promoció Foundation and Nodus Barberà, with the collaboration of the Packaging Cluster, was launched in July with the aim of working together to analyse and diagnose the current situation of the territory taking into account three variables: Work, Talent and Technology (WTT); and two value chains: packaging and food.

In an estimated period of two years, it is planned to carry out the study and consultation of several companies in the food and packaging sector that exist in the municipality and analyse their digital, economic and social potential, in order to carry out an action plan that will be established as the roadmap for the new generations. The lines of actions will consist of 4 stages: 1) the analysis and diagnosis of the current situation (achieved phase), 2) the strategic alliance for the development of the comprehensive plan (developing phase), 3) People’s competency development, and 4) the promotion of productive capacity and transformation of the business fabric.

Currently, with the active participation of Packaging Cluster, the first phase of the project has been reached, the mapping of the companies representing the food and packaging value chain in Barberà del Vallès and the analysis of the current context. With this data, and with the identification of key actors that can accompany and provide knowledge of added value to the project, the second phase will begin: conducting interviews with selected companies or entities.

During the meeting of 4 October, which took place in Nodus Barberà, the conclusions and progress achieved to this day were shared with all the collaborating entities (see image). The next steps to be taken according to the planned timetable were defined, where after the interviews the action plan will be drawn up to be able to equip citizens and professionals with the necessary tools to adapt to the digital revolution and evaluate the results of the actions generated.

Ilustración 1. D'esquerra a dreta: Pol Marin (Packaging Cluster), Elena Márquez (Barberà Promoció), Maite Morales (Barberà Promoció), Àlex Brossa (Packaging Cluster), Isabel Baños (Nodus Barberà), Carlos Pardo (Barberà Promoció) i Pere Jaume Ferrer (Nodus Barberà)

From right to left: Pol Marin (Packaging Cluster), Elena Márquez (Barberà Promoció), Maite Morales (Barberà Promoció), Àlex Brossa (Packaging Cluster), Isabel Baños (Nodus Barberà), Carlos Pardo (Barberà Promoció) and Pere Jaume Ferrer (Nodus Barberà)

The aim of the project is to activate new professional profiles that can access decent work, boosting the growth of local society and talent through technology. These actions will allow the transition to an inclusive, cohesive, competitive and modern model, with digital and solidarity entities and companies.

The action plan will involve and accompany the entire value chain represented in the food and packaging sector: suppliers, manufacturers, distribution channels and restoration. Representatives who will be key in the incorporation of a new system of public-private collaboration for the insertion of unemployed or precarious people in the world of the new digital era.

For more information about the project or contact for potential collaborators, please write to:

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