Presentation of the learnings in the PERCY project - 2 February 2023

Submitted by Dorte Bælum on 15 February 2023


On 2 February 2023 a presentation of the opportunities for the members of Danish
Materials Network due to the PERCY project was given by Ms. Dorte Walzl Bælum, CEO at
Plast Center Danmark lead partner of the PERCY project and part of the consortium
behind it
The audience was members of the Plast Center Danmark board, who are all members of
the network. Plast Center Danmark is the facilitator of the innovation network Danish
Materials Network.
This presentation is a continuation of the Indian visit to Danish companies, which took
place 25 & 26 October 2023.
Target Group of the learnings of the PERCY project:
Owners, directors of companies, production directors and managers of manufacturing
companies, technologists, development workers, designers, mould designers for plastics,
project managers, process managers, quality technicians, adjusters - seniors, and other
experts who work in plastic companies or the professional public cooperating with them.
Ms. Bælum gave a presentation of the PERCY project, its realized activities, foreign
missions, output, and finally value created due to the project.
She talked about each abroad mission to a non-European country (Canada, the USA, India,
and Israel). Before or during all missions Memorandum of Understandings were signed
with a number of clusters. Ms. Bælum pointed out that these memoranda have opened
doors to countries, where entrepreneurs would not be able to enter as independent
She highlighted the project as a good way to enter cooperation with the countries in
question and to give proposals for cooperation.
Special attention was paid to a continued collaboration with India, where the approval of
the joint Indo-Danish project PyroGreen was discussed.
Moreover, Ms. Bælum presented, that PCD will apply for a Danish-Indian networking
project, so more of the suggested collaboration and networking activities can continued.
Regarding the Israeli mission further contact to the company UBQ was discussed. Finally,
there was interest in further contact with the American cluster Greater Acon Chamber of
the USA, GAC, which is placed in Ohio.
To sum up – participating in the PERCY project has been of great value to the Danish
Plastic cluster itself as well as its members in Danish Materials Netwrok.
The companies present at the meeting all agreed that involvement in international
projects create value to their companies especially when they become directly involved
in activities and/or projects.
See pictures in the attached document.

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