Portfolio (English)

Submitted by Berta Szabo on 09 September 2016

I would like  to call your attention to the companies that create values, take the responsibility for natural and human environment, representing a high performance culture with outstanding technical capabilities; on the other hand, to have been entrusted with the supervision of the cluster activity.

I can recommend reading this publication: having independently considerable competence and capacity as well, these companies are geared for widespread collaboration within the cluster by setting up the basis and working out the conditions for common work. The cohesion between members makes it capable to jointly manage existing resources; the Accredited Cluster title, the European Cluster Excellence Initiative Silever Label furthermore international partners will provide an opportunity to introduce efficient resources that will support the development of efficiency and competitiveness of the cluster members.

Based on the practice of cooperation, knowledge sharing and personal relationship between cluster members, the capability of the cluster is more than the aggregate output of the individual member companies thus providing a guarantee to uniform quality and efficiency.

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