Policy Brief: X-Industry Hackathon model - Tool to stimulate RIS3

Submitted by Kristine Zunde on 09 July 2020

DIGICLUSTERS as consortium made from traditional and hi-tech clusters from four countries (Poland, Spain, Lithuania and Latvia) have designed, tested and validated a pioneer tool - X-Industry Hackathon model- to boost cross-industry cooperation and speed up industrial modernisation of agri-food and packaging sectors towards digitalisation and Industry 4.0. X-Industry Hackathons were implemented at regional level (Andalucia-ES, Mazovia-PL, Latvia and Lithuania) and at international level (gathering ICT, food and packaging SMEs from all four countries). Also, DIGICLUSTERS gathers partners from regions with similar Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3) in terms of agri-food and ICT development priorities, but with different level of development (regions in transition, less developed and developed). 


The X-Industry Hackathon model worked well in all the regions and countries and stimulated cross-innovations at regional and interregional level. The tool is sharable, replicable and could be used in other industries at different levels: from local to international. 


We are suggesting that this tool might be interesting to assist regions and clusters in implementing RIS3 and serve as a tool to execute concrete collaboration projects. During the project short policy brief and online Handbook for S3 and RIS3 policy makers about the project and model has been prepared. 

For more information and experience sharing, please, contact DIGICLUSTERS partners.

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