Policy Brief

Submitted by VEGEPOLYS VALLEY on 27 November 2020

This deliverable aims at defining TRACK recommendation toward European Commission and member states so as to facilitate SME development of traceability and bid-data in the agrifood sector.

The document will meet all the requested components cited below extract from the call:

"A policy brief to be submitted at the end of the project to report on the lessons learned of the cooperation activities undertaken. […]It shall also report on the specific barriers to innovation, skills, cooperation and investment summarising the results of feed-back gathered from SMEs active in the partnership clusters. Finally, it shall outline a long-term cooperation agenda for the partnership, building on the identified business collaboration opportunities and linkages with other initiatives and key networks."

The policy brief have been produced by 2 external supports. First of all, VEGEPOLYS VALLEY solicited a subcontractor “CConsulting – Nuno VAZ SILVA - for his experience on European Policy and bring an external view on 2 year-project. The work have been realized between August and November 20. All consortium contributed through a shared matrix of main lessons learnt and individual interviews. Content produced have been shared with CONNSENSYS and DIGICLUSTERS COSME ESCP.S3 partnerships during our joint final event (24/09; 08/10 and 26/10).

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