PIC Week 2020 - 10th Anniversary

Submitted by FEGEANT NICOLAS on 03 July 2020

Due to COVID-19 Crisis, this 10th anniversary of PIC Meeting was a pure challenge to shift to 100% digital event for clusters working in Plant Industry. VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, as  Coordinator of the PIC Network, and all their partners set-up in few weeks a full week of events and gathered 218 registrations from 26 countries (From Poland to Chile).

From June, 22nd to 26th, the Plant Inter Cluster Network, led by VEGEPOLYS VALLEY invited clusters, R&D centres, Universities and Companies involved in Plant Innovation for a 5-days event.  A large diversity of sessions have been scheduled during the first 4 days : Conferences for clusters (DIH, S3, Cascade funding management) ; Concrete presentation of regional structures (Biocontrol, Plant uses, Urban farming and Research); and participative sessions such as 2 workshops and a "Search for Partners" Session including pitch. The French touch has been maintain all along the week. In key-figures, it means 15 hours of conferences (available in replay), 28 speakers (DIVA, Smart Agri Hubs, DG Agri, S3 Coordinators...), 5 pitches, 54 connected people in average each day. In order to keep a way to network between participants, the platform proposed to exchanges messages, but also directly during the conference and of course the last day was dedicated to 1-to-1 meetings (more than 70 done during the day).  

The Agtech was well represented during the PIC Week. A 2-hours workshop on "AgTech for BioTech" has been moderated by 2 partners of TRACK project. Then, on Friday, a side-event organized by TRACK proposed a specific webinar on Digital solutions for Agri-food, 2 examples from France have been introduced, the replay is available here.

The success of this edition is also due to a good collaboration between European clusters which composed the PIC Network all along the year.

Since September 2019, each month, 11 clusters meet, exchange on their services, theirs members and their expectations. The content of PIC WEEK have been designed by all. After France, the 3 main nationalities were Spain, Italy and Romania. This dynamic of PIC Network will be enhance after this important week, an MoU will be signed this year and working group should be implemented soon. This is an open clusters'Alliance, if you are a cluster involved in Plant innovation, contact one of the partners : https://www.clustercollaboration.eu/cluster-networks/pic-plant-intercluster

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