Participation at the launch event: "ClusterGo International", (COSME)

Submitted by Alexander Schwock on 25 May 2016

At 8 and 9 of March in Brussels, was launched the programme "ClusterGo International", (COSME). AdPack Consortium was there represented by BalticNet Plasmatec (the project coordinator, from Germany), Plastiwin (a Belgium Cluster) and Nanoprogres (from Czech Republic). The AdPack partnership results from a proposal to the 1st call to COSME programme, and is one of the 15 partnerships approved, involving a total of 80 european clusters.  During this event, this 15 iniciatives where recognized with the label "European Strategic Cluster Partnership - Going International" by the General Director of DG GROWTH, Lowri Evans. This recognition to AdpACK, as an European Strategic Cluster Partnership, was received by Alexander Schwock, form the Balticnet Plasmatec Cluster and coordinator of AdPack Project. During this event, was also launched the ECCP, a platform where we can find more information about the ESCP recognized and the european clusters.

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