Paper Province is one of 25 good examples of Nordic bioeconomy

Submitted by Sandra Sundbäck on 19 June 2019

Paper Province has been honored to be highlighted as one of the 25 good examples in a publication from the Nordic Council of Ministers, which was produced to show good examples of bioeconomy in the Nordic region. The catalog is called "Nordic Bioeconomy: 25 cases for sustainable change" and is a first step towards developing a Nordic strategy against bioeconomy.

In order to contribute to the development towards bioeconomy, The Icelandic Chairmanship Program for the Nordic Council of Ministers has initiated a bioeconomy panel to produce a proposal for a Nordic bioeconomy strategy. The first step towards the strategy has now been taken with the catalog that has been developed - "Nordic bioeconomy - 25 cases for sustainable change". The publication contains 25 selected cases "best cases" to illustrate the bioeconomy in the Nordic countries. The hope is that the good examples, taken from different businesses and countries, will inspire and increase the understanding of bioeconomy, its weight and potential.

The examples were gathered together by collecting applications from various businesses linked to bioeconomy. The panel received many good applications and good examples worth lifting. However, only one could be selected.

Here you can read Nordic bioeconomy - 25 cases for sustainable change.

The example from Paper Province can be found on page 65:

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