OUVRY - SAFE member and partner of the H2020 ENCIRCLE Project - questionnaires

Submitted by LAURA CAREL on 17 August 2018

Project ENCIRCLE aims to strengthen European industry by creating the tools and strategies that are needed to consolidate the EU CBRN communities of suppliers and.  As part of this work an anonymous survey is being undertaken to collect views, opinions and information from the wider CBRN stakeholder communities and thus inform what unfulfilled needs there are.

The survey is being undertaken by ADS/CBRN-UK on behalf of the Project ENCIRCLE consortium. 

Your individual submission will be handled confidentially and no ADS/CBRN-UK member will have access to anyone’s submission.  The outputs will be shared with the Project ENCIRCLE consoritium and will only be used in conjunction with the project.

The survey is available in English and French :   http://encircle-cbrn.eu/resources/encircle-questionnaires/

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