OUVRY - Member of SAFE and partner of the H2020 ENCIRCLE Project

Submitted by LAURA CAREL on 02 July 2018

OUVRY is an SME Company, based in Lyon – France, which specialises in the study, research, development and manufacturing of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear) personal protective equipment (PPE) and related concepts.

OUVRY is a SAFE Cluster member and is a partner of the European project ENCIRCLE (Topic: H2020 - SEC 05 - 2016 CBRN Cluster). The project ENCIRCLE "EUROPEAN CBRN INNOVATION FOR THE MARKET CLUSTER” aims to strengthen EU CBRN protection.

The ENCIRCLE consortium is going to strengthen the European industry to help create the tools and strategies needed to consolidate the EU CBRN communities of suppliers and practitioners in order to strengthen the field of CBRN safety, security and defence in the European Union.

Project website: http://encircle-cbrn.eu/

Company website: https://www.ouvry.com/en/

Cluster organisation
SAFE Cluster
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