Norwegian airport operator reports high incidents of drone incursions

Submitted by CUTULLIC Samuel on 08 November 2022


Norway’s Oslo Gardermoen International Airport experiences 50 drone alarms every month according to airport operator Avinor, reports Norskrikskringkasting (NRK). This makes irresponsible and illegal use of drone a growing problem for Avinor.
Avinor takes illegal drone use near airports very seriously, and reports to the police any case where drones pose a danger to air traffic. Mats Gjertsen is head of traffic management and detection of drones at Avinor. “Illegal drone flying has in several cases severely disrupted air traffic at several of Avinor’s airports,” he says.
The Directorate of Police collaborates with several actors to deal with the challenges. There is a concern that many of those who buy drones for private use do not know the regulations well enough. The police issue fines for illegal drone flying and Avinor demands compensation if air traffic is disrupted. The fines start at NOK eight thousand and go up, depending on the degree of severity.
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