NIDV in ALLIANCE: Finding the spotlight on the international stage

Submitted by Giulia Barbagelata on 16 June 2022


Showcasing and synergising EU-ALLIANCE with other fora proves to be a fruitful opportunity. The NIDV remains committed as ever to supporting SMEs in the international market and allowing them to connect with European and global partners. We continue to expand our international network and create opportunities for SMEs to do the same.

The NIDV takes part in Netherlands-based Partnerships for International Business (PIBs) with the US, organised by SpaceNed, and
South Korea to highlight European industry’s qualities through Dutch examples. The NIDV’s own domestic conference, NEDS, also continues to draw more international attention from EU-ALLIANCE markets; those interested can reach out to us at [email protected]. All these actions help lay the groundwork for a vibrant network in which EU-ALLIANCE partners can navigate.

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