New project kick-off: “New plastic products manufactured from textile industry waste”

Submitted by Ariadna Detrell on 11 February 2019


New project kick-off: “New plastic products manufactured from textile industry waste”

This is a project in collaboration between members of the Packaging Cluster and AEI Tèxtils

January started with a new project, New plastic products manufactured from textile industry waste, whose objective is to bring to market new plastic products manufactured with polypropylene pellets recovered from wastes from the textile industry.

The project is being performed by  LIASA and NGPLASTICS, members of AEI Tèxtils and Packaging Cluster, respectively. Both clusters collaborate in the project which is co-financed by the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

On January 23, both companies and clusters met at LIASA headquarters in La Selva del Camp to define the project work plan which will have a timeframe of one year.

Main activities that will take place are:

  • SELECTION: separation and selection of waste (polypropylene yarn).
  • TRANSFORMATION: conversion of the waste into a resource.
  • MANUFACTURING: use of the transformed waste into new injection molded plastic products.
  • COMMERCIALIZATION: launch to market the new product.
  • COMMUNICATION: dissemination of the project results.

The project originated from the results of a previous project, PACTEX, led by both clusters and also co-funded by the Waste Agency of Catalonia, whose objectives were to establish synergies between companies’ members of both clusters and to promote the efficient use of material resources focused on the origin reduction of waste, reuse of products, increase of recyclability and the valorization of waste.

General Managers of LIASA and NGPlastics with representatives from both clusters during the project kick-off meeting

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