A new podcast section is underway where cutting-edge topics for the packaging world will be discussed

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 20 September 2021

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  • The Packaging Cluster inaugurates a new series of podcasts together with Victor Borrás, in his weekly Packaging Podcast program, available on Spotify
  • The section will address rigorous current issues, which directly involve the packaging sector, such as technology, user experience, investment in research, social and climate changes, or globalization, among other key issues.

On September 14, a special program of the Packaging Podcast presented by Víctor Borrás, its 100th edition, was broadcast live, through the LinkedIn platform, with a very special guest, Martina Font, current President of the Packaging Cluster. During the program, Martina Font put on the table some of the challenges of the packaging sector, such as attracting young talent, the commitment to open innovation or data management for automation and efficiency.

This episode is part of the new Packaging Cluster section in the Packaging Podcast, which will be broadcast on a monthly basis, with the aim of sharing by radio all the news in the sector that mark the transformation of the market. A communication channel in trend that allows the entity to connect with another public interested in packaging and its role as a motor of change.

The first program, published during the summer, presented to listeners a recently completed industrial symbiosis project to obtain a new plastic product made with waste from the textile industry. An initiative explained by Jordi Aromí, Commercial Director of the company NG Plastics, and involved part of the project, in a consortium made up of the Catalan cluster of advanced textile materials AEI Tèxtils, the manufacturer LIASA Industrial Algodonera and the Packaging Cluster (LISTEN HERE)

In this second program, Martina Font presented, together with the Head of Communication and Marketing of the cluster Serena Rebollo, the strategic lines that she will follow as the new president of the Packaging Cluster, understanding the transformation of the packaging sector itself.

Font recently assumed the position of president of the cluster, after years of active involvement in the development of the entity, both as treasurer of the entity, as Corporate and Innovation Director of one of the largest corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturers in Spain, Font Packaging Group, which invoices more than 50 million euros a year, and CEO of its Kartox e-commerce division.

Among the entity's challenges in this new paradigm are: “innovation and collaboration between the entire value chain, the sustainable and efficient commitment of companies in the face of climate change, the commitment to attract young talent in an area that little by little it modernizes and the management of BIG DATA to obtain a production system at the forefront of Europe” as Martina Font stated.

In the next episode, we will share the keys to the new Connected Industry and the ways to modernize the productive model of the sector, in the new digital revolution.

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