New Materials Development in Taiwan

Submitted by Yuming Liu on 14 July 2022

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📌 Program :
–Topic 1: A highly safe & effective delivery innovation for skin care

Abstract : “Nowadays, air pollution, ultraviolet rays... have caused massive skin problems such as inflammation & aging due to accumulation of intracellular ROS. However most active ingredient such as vitamin C, anthocyanidins, & catechins are water soluble, thus they are difficult to enter the skin barrier & work within skin cells. To address this issue, a powerful antioxidant Imdermalab® X-EGCG has been developed in our company.
We used a designated patented-peptide sequence (Peptide X) in the CPP family as a carrier to carry EGCG into skin cell by macropinocytosis within a short time. Experimental results have demonstrated that intracellular ROS scavenging rate of Imdermalab® X-EGCG can be 24 times faster than that of the control group.
The unique advantages of Imdermalab® X-EGCG system include efficient cargo delivery for actives, anti-inflammation, & highly safe to skin cells.”

Speaker : Dr. Hueymin Lai, Chief Technology Officer, ImDerma Laboratories Co., Ltd.

–Topic 2 : An innovative breathing biomimetic SOD ingredient-TUN-828® for Hair Care

Abstract : “Ti-UNic Biotech is a biotechnology start-up dedicated to the development of new innovative biomimetic ingredients for cosmetic industry. Based in Taiwan, we want to promote the resources, the knowledge present in our island with a scientist & technical approach to develop new innovative cosmetic ingredient. After 3 years of research & collaboration we created a new innovative active ingredient TUN-828®, an original breathing biomimetic antioxidant able to mimic the active site of the superoxide dismutase. Actually, we have collaborated with hair salons & brand owners (Taiwan/USA/JAP) to create innovative products contained TUN-828® which are or will be released to the market.”

Speaker : Dr. Gary Wang, Chief Technology Officer, Ti-UNic Biotech Co., Ltd.

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