National bridge building in bioimaging

Submitted by perspindler on 03 December 2019

Biopeople's biomarker focus has resulted in the establishment of several working groups related to biomarkers

Biopeople has a focus on biomarkers as demonstrated by the project ’Biomarkers as an emerging growth area’. During this year the biomarker focus has resulted in the establishment of several new working groups related to biomarkers, included ’ Autoimmune diseases working group’, ’Personalised Medicine working group’ and ’Bioimaging working group’. Through these working groups, Biopeople provides a targeted support of national knowledge sharing and collaboration between researchers from universities, hospitals and Danish companies.

Working group reaches out to universities and companies The Bioimaging working group, led by Jane Nøhr, Biopeople includes members from the universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus respectively as well as the companies Novo Nordisk and Gubra. The working group has a close collaboration with the Danish Bioimaging Network. This network is a consortium of Danish universities, research institutions and commercial enterprises that have a common interest in Bioimaging as a tool in life science. The Danish Bioimaging Network wants, as Biopeople, to advance research collaborations, share expertise and best practice as well as bioimaging research infrastructures within medicine and life science nationally and internationally.


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