Nanoprogress will be broadcasted in Euronews and national television

Submitted by Lubos Komarek on 09 May 2019

On the 2nd and 3rd of May Nanoprogress filmed together with Euronews the pilot episode of Business planet. The aim of these series is to show to the general public the added value of the European cluster organisations for SMEs and innovation actors and to provide more information about the support of the European Commission.

As an example of the SMEs that benefited was selected the company Nanopharma that develops unique solutions for cosmetics and biomedicine and was a founding member of Nanoprogress cluster. The journalist Paul Hacked has first-hand experience of testing their product, first dry sheet nanofibrous mask and felt the effect of the active substances on his own skin :).


Furthermore, the interview with Mr. Komárek was filmed where he provided more detailed insights about how the European Commission supports cluster organisations and about the European Cluster Collaboration Platform as the principal gate for SMEs that would like to joint European cluster organisations and seek for specific information and contacts. The episode will be broadcasted on the 18th of May.      

At the national level Nanoprogress is currently preparing national series about the support of the cluster organisation toward its members and its impact on the development of the Czech nanotechnology sector. In total, five episodes are going to be filmed and three times broadcasted on the national level.

First episode will focus solely on the cluster organisation and will present its activities and services, its partnering network and the support of the European Commission. Second episode will show how the cluster organisation supported the technology development and present worldwide unique equipment for production of nanofibrous structures. Three last episodes will showcase the results of the cluster organisation in Biotechnology, Food sector and Environmental sector by presenting the testimonials of the companies. Furthermore, one minute versions of these episodes will be prepared for international dissemination.


The series will be done by the Regional Television CZ, which is a national television that works on land and satellite broadcast and covers the news from all regions of the Czech Republic. Mr. Komárek already provided 15 min interview which will be the base for the following series. The series will be filmed and broadcasted until the end of 2019.

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