Nanoprogress developed together with one of its members – company Sintex – unique candle nanofilters

Submitted by Anna Marytová on 24 October 2019

Nanoprogress has been cooperating with Sintex on a long-term basis in research and development of the use of nanofibres in the textile industry. Sintex has been our member since 2010, it is one of our long-term, stable and very active members with whom we have very good relationship.

With Sintex we have started research of preparation of linear nanofibrous structures, which lasted several years and brought very good scientific outputs. Following this research, we started product development with Sintex last year, which is bringing the first good results. These are nanofilters with unique characteristics.The product development was significantly supported by the H2020 project IoT4Industry that facilitates the integration and use of IoT and related components (Digital Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence…) into manufacturing tools, machines and robots, industrial processes and factories environment.  

The unique methody for production of the nanofilters was build based on the knowledge acquired during several years of research that was supported by the cluster Nanoprogress. The succes of long term cooperation was the application of nanofibres into filters with different content and composition. Especially the new candle nanofilters are useful in food filtration of little contaminated liquids with fine solid particles, for example final filtration of wines, spirits, milk, beer and vegetable oils.In addition to ultrafiltration of liquids, candle nanofilters are also highly effective for gas filtration, in particular for the filtration of pollutedair from solid particles of dust, smog, aerosols, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Nanoprogress cluster focuses on researching and developing functionalized nanofiber structures and their industrial and medical applications. As part of our joint research activities, we have developed sophisticated methodologies for the functionalization of nanofiber structures, built new technological equipment for core-shell nanofiber production and new equipment based on the globally unique AC electrospinning technology. We have also determined the application potential of a wide range of functionalized nanofiber structures in medicine and industry.

The company Sintex, member of Nanoprogress endgaged in textile production at all production levels. Company´s long term program is the production of filters. In addition to purely production programs and activities, the company´s core business is also research and development, together with an accredited textile laboratory.

Anna Marytová, Nanoprogress, z.s.

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