NANO - 2020 - Matchmaking virtual event

Submitted by Alexandru Farcas on 31 August 2020

The Romanian New Materials Cluster participated in the Virtual NANO - 2020  - International matchmaking event, by promoting the cluster’s vision of contributing to the increase of competitiveness of members through openness and strategic collaboration by developing the new materials market nationally and internationally. The organization used this opportunity to focus on further expanding its networking by identifying potential partnerships for future projects.

“The goal of the Matchmaking event is to create a strong network of laboratories, institutions, start-ups and cluster organizations in the close relation which all specialists in the NANO area (better knowledge of the existing facilities, the wider market for technology transfer possibilities). This virtual NANO-2020 event aims to provide a unique opportunity for the participating organizations to:

  • Presentation of research and innovation results;
  • Presentation of know-how and innovative technologies;
  • Find new technological solutions;
  • Meet potential business partners;
  • Find partners for collaborative European R&D projects;
  • Meet and establish cross-border contacts.

This virtual networking event presents an ideal platform to identify the last tendency in Nanoscience, to discuss new nanotechnology and to looking for potential business partners, through pre-arranged meetings. “

More information about the event or future opportunities can be found here.

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Romanian New Materials Cluster
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