MobiGoIn's Partnership Agreement: are you interest in taking part of it?

Submitted by Silvana Sanfe… on 10 April 2017

MobiGoIn, Mobility Goes International, is currently developing its Internationalisation Strategy that establish a plan and a roadmap to support Smart Mobility focused SMEs in their internationalisation process across and beyond Europe. The countries MobiGoIn is targeting are China, Malaysia, USA and Canada! 

MobiGoIn focuses in the Smart Mobility industry with a cross-sectoral approach regarding the development and adoption of (i) intelligent and cooperative transport solutions, which might be implemented as systems and/or services that take into consideration the needs of the final users; (ii) applications for fleet management, freight transport and last mile logistics optimisation; and (iii) enabling solutions for supporting individuals in selecting optimal combination of transportation modes in an eco-friendly way of public and private transport in an urban and suburban context.

The Partnership Agreement seeks to intensify clusters and networks’ collaboration across borders, interest in supporting SMEs and startups in going to the targeted countries.

If you're a non-european Cluster, business network or an Agency supporting investments and internationalisation, and you're interest in knowing more about the Project and the Partnership Agreement, please contact Anja Nieveler from bwcon: nieveler [at]

MobiGoIn partners collectively constitute a high profile partnership fully capable of achieving all project objectives, thanks to a right mix of competences and expertise. The Consortium is formed by four clusters located in four different European countries: Fondazione Torino Wireless, an Italian innovation and technological cluster focus on ICT and Smart Cities and Communities; Bwcon, a German technological cluster on ICT for Baden-Württemberg’s traditional industrial sectors; Mov’eo, a French mobility R&D competitiveness cluster; and Media Evolution, a southern Swedish technological cluster on media industries.

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