A mission coordinated by the Basque Energy Cluster seeks opportunities in the Mexican market following the energy reform and the rise of renewable energies

Submitted by Ander González on 14 November 2017

The mission, which took place on the week of the 25th of September, had a series of personalised booked meetings for each of the participating companies with potential customers and collaborators. The Basque Energy Cluster also harnessed this occasion to strengthen links with the main energy associations in the country.

From the 25th to the 29th of September, the Basque Energy Cluster, as leader of REINA PLUS ESCP, organised a business mission to Mexico with the support of the consultancy firm IDOM, which was participated by five european companies: AEG, ERREKA FASTENING SOLUTIONS, INDRA, PROTECTTION and ZIGOR. 

The week started with the reception of the Basque Delegation in Mexico, where a manager of the newly-created Mexico's National Energy Control Center (CENACE) made a presentation in which he explained the latest changes in the electricity wholesaler market following the energy reform. From that moment onwards, the participants followed an individual agenda of meetings that had been specifically organised and agreed with each one of them. These meetings allowed them to contact with nearly a dozen Mexican companies and entities.

In parallel, within the framework of the REINA PLUS European project, the Basque Energy Cluster held meetings with several of the main associations of the sector in Mexico; such as the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE), the National Association for Solar Energy (ANES), the State Commission for Energy Promotion and Savings of Hidalgo (CEFAEN), the Energy Cluster and the Great Industry of the South of Tamaulipas (CEGISTAM), the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), the Mexican Energy Council (COMENER) and Smart Grid Mexico. The purpose was to identify possible areas for collaboration with them, as well as the signing of memorandums of understanding. 

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