MEPs Lina Gálvez and Pilar del Castillo encourage Andalusian companies to attract Next Generation EU Fund

Submitted by David Paez on 06 April 2021

  • The members of the PSOE and the PP participate in a meeting with innovative companies organized by CTA.

The MEPs Lina Gálvez (PSOE) and Pilar del Castillo (PP) have participated in an online meeting with innovative companies organized by CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia).

Both MEPs have encouraged Andalusian and Spanish companies to prepare "good projects" to attract the European Fund for Recovery Next Generation EU.

The socialist MEP Lina Gálvez affirmed that most of the money from the recovery fund will be linked to the presentation of projects within the main axes of digital and ecological transformation, so “it is very important that Andalusian and Spanish companies prepare ambitious projects with the ability to carry the entire value chain and international projection”.

Gálvez also highlighted the role of institutions such as CTA "to establish synergies, share information, provide services and promote business development around innovation".

During her turn, PP MEP Pilar del Castillo said that recovery funds should focus on giving "a qualitative leap that allows the Spanish economy to be globally competitive". "We can't miss this opportunity”, Del Castillo said.

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