The MARIO project has developed AI algorithms for the prediction, prioritization and proposal of solutions in the maintenance and repair of production machinery breakdowns.

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 18 July 2022

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  • The MARIO project proposes the incorporation of disruptive technologies for the integral analysis of the maintenance of Saplex factories
  • A scalable technological solution to other companies and industries that will motivate the digitalization of SMEs

The MARIO project (Intelligent Maintenance and Repairs in Operations) proposes an innovative technological development applying artificial intelligence to data management by the study of data science Dribia and experts in implementing Industry  4.0, TAI  Smart Factory within the practical case of the company Saplex, with the coordination of the project by the Packaging Cluster.

The initiative proposes a new tool equipped with artificial intelligence to detect and segment breakdowns, classify repairs according to type and prioritize incidents to be resolved at the plant. The algorithmic product created by Dribia and implemented for continuous improvement by the TAI Smart Factory will provide a technological leap for the Saplex maintenance department.

The idea stems from a latent need of the Saplex company to qualitatively improve the information management of its plant. Currently, your maintenance department manages a significant queue of repair requests and the prioritization of which must be attended to first is not easy, it requires manual and continuous management with the person in charge of planning.

During the development of the project, the platform was designed based on a history of descriptions of maintenance actions to facilitate three main tasks based on data science: 1) Segment the history of incidents to identify the most recurrent ones 2) Prioritize incidents according to the expected resolution time and business impact and 3) Propose solutions to incidents based on previous cases as a reference.

MARIO thus satisfies a series of common problems that can be applied to a large number of production companies, not only Saplex, and with great scaling potential. It is the technological result of a historical challenge for production companies generated through a collaborative innovation project coordinated by Packaging Cluster. 

MARIO is a project financed by MINCOTUR within the support program for Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras (AEI).


About Dribia 

Dribia is a data science innovation studio: they are algorithm designers that make predictions and optimize processes using data analytics and artificial intelligence. They are an experienced, creative and technically trained team, recognized with the INNOVATIVE SME Seal from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) for their innovative character.

About Saplex 

Saplex is an SME company that transforms flexible plastic with more than 45 years of experience in the sector. Specialized in the manufacture of garbage bags, leaders in the national market. The continuous improvement model, innovation as a permanent philosophy at work, a clear focus on the market and consumer needs, and quality and Food Safety as a natural way of working are some of the pillars that have made Saplex a benchmark in the market.

About TAI Smart Factory 

TAI Smart Factory is an SME company specialized in the development, marketing, implementation and maintenance of software for the capture and management of Industrial data, as well as its motorization, analysis and exploitation of the same, with experience accumulated in the national and international market since 1997.

About Packaging Cluster 

The Packaging Cluster is a non-profit organization that was established in 2012 by Catalan companies and that today groups more than 130 active members between companies, knowledge centers and entities that represent the entire value chain of the packaging sector. The main objective of the entity is to help the competitive improvement of the companies that comprise it, with the purpose of solving the challenges of the current context, promoting innovation and generating new business opportunities.

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