Marek Grzybowsk Baltic Sea and Space Cluster from the Triple Helix Cluster to the holistic concept

Submitted by MAREK GRZYBOWSKI on 18 September 2021

The Baltic Sea and Space Cluster is the only such cluster in the world. The Cluster was established on July 27, 2009. We started the incubation process of the cluster in 2000. After several years of incubation, the cluster began to operate in the Triple Helix formula. Then after a few years it evolved into a Qudralupe Helix. cluster. This is the result of participation in numerous international projects.
Today, the cluster is developing in the Pentagon Helix formula. It integrates the transfer of knowledge between science and business, supports social initiatives, local governments and administration, develops investor relations. The cluster acts as a smart organization. We view maritime and space business in a holistic manner. We integrate technological, legal and economic solutions at the scientific, business and social level.
The Baltic Sea and Space Cluster (previously: Polish Maritime Cluster) is an active member of the United Nations Global Compact and operates on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform. It is a key maritime cluster in Central and Eastern Europe, an important cluster in the Baltic Sea Region and the European Union, a recognizable cluster on the global maritime economy market, as evidenced by partner cooperation with clusters operating in the United States, Asia and South Africa.

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